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Landscape Architecture

At Interdesign we believe that landscape architects should strive to achieve harmony between design, creativity, science, our extensive knowledge of nature and its ecological processes.

The objective of our diverse and experienced team is to create functional, responsible, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces to meet the client's budgetary and other requirements. We are renowned for our dedication to the quality of our work and our creative approach, through design with nature.

ILA is at the forefront of the latest technologies in EIA, green technology and landscape architecture. We believe the best outcomes are achieved through close collaboration with the project team, and most importantly, the client.

ILA focuses on the landscape planning and design of open space in a sustainable manner to optimise opportunities and minimise constraints on the natural and socio-economic environments.

This entails:

Stage1: Inception
Receive, appraise and report on the client's requirements with regard to:

• The client's brief
• The site, rights and constraints
• The budgetary constraints
• The need for additional consultants
• The anticipated project programme
• The methods of contracting and appointment

Stage 2: Concept and viability

• Prepare a conceptual / initial design and site layout
• Advise on site arrangements and planning relationships
• Proposed materials and intended site services
• Establish the technical and functional characteristics of the design
• Check the conformity of the concept with the rights to use of the land
• Review the anticipated costs of the project
• Review the project programme

Stage 3: Design development

• Confirm the scope and complexity
• Review the design and consult with local and statutory authorities
• Develop the design, construction system, materials and components
• Incorporate site services and coordinate with the work of consultants
• Review the design, costing and programme with the consultants

Stage 4: Documentation and procurement

• Complete technical documentation and complete primary co-ordination with other consultants
• Confirm material specifications and extent of works for implementation
• Review costing and programme with the consultants
• Obtain the client's authority
• Complete construction documentation
• Confirm method of tendering and proceed with the process of calling for tenders
• Adjudication of tenders received and compile recommendation report
• Obtain the client's authority for the execution of the works
• Finalise documentation for the execution of the works (working drawings)

Stage 5: Construction

• Administer the landscape contractor or subcontract
• Issue construction documentation and related instructions
• Initiate and / or check sub-contract design and documentation as appropriate
• Inspect the works for conformity to the contract documentation
• Administer and perform duties and obligations assigned to the clients agent in terms of the obligations provided for the forms of contract
• Oversee commissioning of equipment
• Issue the certificate of practical completion portion of responsibility

Stage 6: Close out

• Monitor establishment of landscape elements
• Facilitate the project close-out, including the preparation of the necessary documentation to effect completions, handover and operation of the project
• After the contractor's obligations with respect to the landscape contract are fulfilled, issue the certificated related to contract completion
• Provide the client with as-built drawings and relevant technical and contractual undertakings by the contractor and sub-contractor.

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